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Title; What Goes Around
Chapter; o2
Previous Chapters; o1
Fandom; Resident Evil
Word Count; 3,838
Rating; R for swearing and toplessness!
Suggested Listening; um to be edited I can't think of anything right now and the music I was listening to while writing this doesn't actually fit 8D
Notes; Wow so uh. Chapter 2! Two years later! At this pace, I'll be done with this fic by the time I'm sixty. Please note, I did start this fic in 2006, so in light of recent revelations due to the pending release of Degeneration, this is now technically AU. So please no one be all "THEY DIDN'T MEET EACH OTHER UNTIL SEVEN YEARS AFTER RACCOON OMFG :["

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o1o; Supergirl Redesign; Fanart;

Posting this here in my media journal rather than in my own journal since I already posted the first draft over there.

ANYWAY. impactbomb posted a drawing for this meme and I got inspired to do a drawing. I wasn't originally going to post it to the meme, but I decided this morning to do some more work on it, and since I like how it looks MUCH better now, it's being posted there. xD

Uhm, anyway. What I did here was... I have a series of small problems with Kara's costume as she is in the comics these days. She's rail thin, people are constantly making fun of her body shape, and that's a little sad. So I tried to make her a bit more fleshy for one thing, and while her skirt is still rather short on this design it completely covers her midriff. I've also always loved how Power Girl's outfit is more white than the other Supers outfits, so I mimicked that a bit with this outfit.

One thing I kept from Kara's current design is the long sleeves with the flared wrists. I also modified her cape so it does the fold-over off-the-shoulder thing that the design for Evil!Kara's costume did (which I thought was a really neat design >.>)

Anyway, enough of my yakking, onto the drawing itself.

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This is the first drawing I've done all in photoshop for a long time. The background is lazy as hell and just consists of a random brush, but I just put it in because I didn't want her to just be floating in a bunch of white space, because then the fact that her costume was very white wouldn't stand out very well. I effed up the anatomy, but it's better than I've done in a while, so I'm not knocking it. Too badly, anyway.
fates intertwined;


Title; What Goes Around (Shower)
Chapter; o1
Fandom; Resident Evil
Word Count; 2,235
Rating; R, but more for the exuberant word of 'shit' than anything. Although Claire is naked for the duration of the scene.
Suggested Listening; Look At Me; Keri Noble, I Can't Be Your Friend; DHT.
Notes; This is just the first chapter in an idea I'm formulating. We'll see how well it goes. It's possible that this will be the only part to tie into letter_love but if I'm good, we'll see how many I can tie in and cheat with to get the challenge done. >.>
This is obviously going to be heavily Leon/Claire, so if you hate the pairing, don't read it. Or go ahead and flame me. I'll just ignore you. :D

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Title; Fate and Chance (Meetings)
Fandom; Technically tripletriad but I figured since Claire and Leon and their personalities are still RE, and I claimed the pair, it'd be okay >.>
Word Count; 415
Rating; PG-13ish
Notes; I've always wondered about how Leon and Claire first met. I figured, after our Valentine's Day log that Claire would have had to make an impact from the second Leon laid eyes on her. So, I chose something that's a very likely thing for him to have witnessed. Her in the middle of an argument with Chris.

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community; letter_love
challenge; Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy [pairing]
completed; 2/26

A is for . . . Alone
B is for . . . Baby
C is for . . . Church
D is for . . . Darkness
E is for . . . Empty
F is for . . . Family
G is for . . . Guns
H is for . . . Hope
I is for . . . Iris
J is for . . . Jail
K is for . . . Killer
L is for . . . Libra
M is for . . . Meetings
N is for . . . Neck
O is for . . . Overture
P is for . . . Police
Q is for . . . Question
R is for . . . Run
S is for . . . Shower
T is for . . . Time
U is for . . . Underground
V is for . . . Victory
W is for . . . Wind
X is for . . . Xena
Y is for . . . Yellow
Z is for . . . Zero

disclaimer; don't own claire or leon. they're property of capcom. don't sue, plz ♥
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Title; Beginning of a Tragedy
Fandom; tripletriad
Word Count; 1057
Rating; ...R because there's a naughty word or two, but other than that, it'd be PG-13~
Notes; Kacee and I had all this fun backstory for Claire and Leon, and it made me emo that we could never really RP it out. It was really bothering me, and driving me crazy. So, I wrote it out, more or less. this way I won't go CRAZY.

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