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Title; Awakening
Fandom; Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
Word Count; 243
Rating; PG ish?
Notes; This was written for an application at an RP, but I loved it so much I just had to post it here. note, contains spoilers to FF7 Advent Children, so if you haven't watched, and you'd rather not know jack about it, don't click.

Kadaj stared down at his fingers. It was a small thing, but something all the same.

he had them.

It had been a long peculiar amount of sleeping and dreaming and sparkling green, and Mother’s voice....but that had all spun around, flung back, and grounded him here. With fingers and hair and a face once again. A body as he remembered it, he mused, his fingers tracing along his shoulders and torso, curious as to how he became solid once again when he was just a drifting soul moments before.

Was Mother here with him? His head shot up, and he looked around. Not sure what he'd find, a warm gentle smile and cheerful green eyes? Or something less...human?

The voice that had spoken to him, had been soft, sweet. That must have been Mother.

Mother wanted them to be together. He knew she loved her children, him and Yazuu and Loz. They'd worked so hard to find her. They'd missed her. Wanted to see her. To bring her back to walk once again among her children.

It had been Cloud's fault, once again, they had failed. Kadaj narrowed his eyes, scanning his surroundings. Mother was not here. No one was here, but him and the grass and the sky.

He had to find his brothers. And Mother. And then he would find Cloud, and make him realize what a mistake it had been to interrupt the Reunion. Properly, and fully this time.
Tags: character: kadaj, fandom: final fantasy vii, fic: general
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