February 9th, 2007

and a hero can save us;

o1o; Supergirl Redesign; Fanart;

Posting this here in my media journal rather than in my own journal since I already posted the first draft over there.

ANYWAY. impactbomb posted a drawing for this meme and I got inspired to do a drawing. I wasn't originally going to post it to the meme, but I decided this morning to do some more work on it, and since I like how it looks MUCH better now, it's being posted there. xD

Uhm, anyway. What I did here was... I have a series of small problems with Kara's costume as she is in the comics these days. She's rail thin, people are constantly making fun of her body shape, and that's a little sad. So I tried to make her a bit more fleshy for one thing, and while her skirt is still rather short on this design it completely covers her midriff. I've also always loved how Power Girl's outfit is more white than the other Supers outfits, so I mimicked that a bit with this outfit.

One thing I kept from Kara's current design is the long sleeves with the flared wrists. I also modified her cape so it does the fold-over off-the-shoulder thing that the design for Evil!Kara's costume did (which I thought was a really neat design >.>)

Anyway, enough of my yakking, onto the drawing itself.

she's a supergirl;Collapse )

This is the first drawing I've done all in photoshop for a long time. The background is lazy as hell and just consists of a random brush, but I just put it in because I didn't want her to just be floating in a bunch of white space, because then the fact that her costume was very white wouldn't stand out very well. I effed up the anatomy, but it's better than I've done in a while, so I'm not knocking it. Too badly, anyway.