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Title; Mistakes
Fandom Blade Trinity
Words 466
Rating PG-13 to R because the word fuck is used like it's going out of style in this fandom.
Notes Randomosity that I just threw out at 3am. Since the other fic was pissing me off.

“…What the fuck, King?”

Hannibal grinned, ducking out of the way of Abigail Whistler’s swing, dancing around behind her and tapping her on the shoulder.

“Aaaaaaaaaaabbeeeeeeeeeeeey. Guess whaaaaat?” God he loved teasing her.

“I’m going to fucking kill you? Is that what?” Abigail growled, swinging her arm again, and totally missing. Hannibal grinned a bit more.

“No. You’re going to love me, and want to rearrange that sentence just a bit.” that made her growl and get a good punch in on him. “…Ow. Okay. You want to know?”

“Before I’m fifty, yes.” Hannibal frowned, backing away from the scowling brunette.

“I think I’m rubbing off on you. You’re getting all weird on me Abby.” Abigail gave him her classic, ‘piss the fuck off’ look, which he knew quite well, and that just caused him to grin a little more. “Hey, Zoe? Bring it in!” He called over his shoulder towards the door.

Zoe walked into the room, a squirming box that was almost too big for her to manage on her own in her arms. Fortunately she didn’t have to carry it all the way in, because Hannibal hurried over to help the little girl, setting the box down, before he scooped up the little girl, tossing her over his shoulder, much to her amusement.

“…What’s this?” Abigail frowned at the box, which was, again, moving.

“Open it!” was all Hannibal had to say to that. Abigail frowned a little more, cautiously stepping towards the box.

“…It’s not going to eat me is it?” Hannibal looked shocked.

“Abigail. What makes you think that upstanding citizens such as Zoe and myself would EVER bring something that would cause you harm into this humble abode?” They were still on the fucking barge.

“….If it eats me, I’m going to kick your ass.” Abigail scowled, carefully reaching out to pull the flaps of the box out.

…and be promptly tackled by a German Shepard puppy.

“Happy birthday Abby!” Hannibal and Zoe laughed in unison. Abigail blinked, pulling back to look down at the dog, laughing a little.

“…What the hell you two?” This was the last thing she expected.

“...Well, we WERE going to get you another implement of doom, but Zoe figured the dog would be one of those things that you could use in your OFF time. Isn’t that right squirt?” Hannibal grinned up at the girl who’d now situated herself on his shoulder, grinning down at Abigail.

“He’s better than a gun anyway.” Abigail laughed, standing slowly to pat both their heads. Of course, then Hannibal had to grab her with his free arm and pull her in for a hug, so she was kind of trapped with that.

“...You realize that my Birthday isn’t for another month, right?”

There was a long pause.

Tags: character: abigail whistler, character: hannibal king, character: zoe sommerfield, fandom: blade: trinity, fic: general
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