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Title; Fate and Chance (Meetings)
Fandom; Technically tripletriad but I figured since Claire and Leon and their personalities are still RE, and I claimed the pair, it'd be okay >.>
Word Count; 415
Rating; PG-13ish
Notes; I've always wondered about how Leon and Claire first met. I figured, after our Valentine's Day log that Claire would have had to make an impact from the second Leon laid eyes on her. So, I chose something that's a very likely thing for him to have witnessed. Her in the middle of an argument with Chris.

It was startling, on your first day of work to hear screaming coming from the office of one of your superiors.

It would draw anyone’s attention. One rookie cop by the name of Leon Scott Kennedy stood entranced, staring at the door a good distance away from him, where muffled shouts in a very feminine voice could be heard.

He was stuck here until his supervisor came and gave him his first assignment, but he was seriously considering running for the hills.

It was then that the door flew open and a very angry red-haired girl stormed out, spinning around and screamed back into the office.

“AND DON’T FUCKING THINK ABOUT PULLING THIS SHIT EVER AGAIN, CHRISTOPHER REDFIELD.” And she slammed the door, and turned, her pretty face twisted into a scowl.

He was caught then, as her eyes met his, not only by the fact that she was completely stunning, despite her obvious temper, but the fact that she was walking towards him. She tilted her head to the side, arching her eyebrows.

“Can I help you?” It took him a moment to realize she’d stopped in front of him.

“I…uh, no. Sorry. I’m just…waiting for assignment.” She frowned at him, considering for a moment, before her frown faded, and she held out her hand.

“You must be new. I’m Claire Redfield, and that DICK-” this was aimed over her shoulder back towards the offending office door- “In there, is my brother, Chris. If he gives you a hard time, tell him to stick it in his ear, okay?”

She smiled then, and he almost physically felt himself go weak, but maintained composure. Pretty, and full of spirit. They didn’t make girls like that where he came from.

Or well. They did. They were just all involved in gangs and a brand of scary he wasn’t going to mess with.

“..I’ll try to keep that in mind. I’m…Leon.” He was trying to sound impressive, but failed a little at his inability to proudly state his full name. He was still nervous as hell. This was his first day on the force. What if they found out he was a Hunter?

That would be an uncomfortable thing to deal with.

She was smiling again.

“What? No Officer –” she glanced at his badge—“Kennedy? Usually the rookies are playing that title like nobody’s business.” She grinned, patting him on the shoulder as she walked past.

“See you around, Mr. Kennedy.”

Damn, he sure hoped so.
Tags: challenge: letter_love, character: claire redfield, fandom: resident evil, fandom: tripletriad, fic: general, fic: het pairing, pairing: leon/claire
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