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take me out to the black;

tell 'em i ain't coming back

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Welcome To The Black;
This is a collective of offensive's creative works. Be it writing or art (mostly writing at the moment), you'll find it here. It's not updated often. But feel free to read through, comment, whatever.

Basically this is just a place for her to post drabblings and whatnot, or things she wouldn't post on fanfiction.net. Where she rarely posts anything, these days.

So, come on in, have a seat, take a look around.

The current layout is of the lovely Miss Evangeline Lilly, whom offensive has a huge girlcrush on.

Blade: Trinity [Mistakes]

Final Fantasy 7:AC [Awakening]

Firefly [Explosions of Light]

Harry Potter [She Wore Flowers In Her Hair]

Resident Evil [Beginning of a Tragedy]
[No Longer Here]
What Goes Around [ch1][ch2]


fanfic100 [Claire Redfield]
letter_love [Claire/Leon]

offensive - Personal Journal
herbskillz - Graphics Journal
primavista - Munhead
indesolution - Panfandom Nuclear Fallout RPG